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Speakers Bureau

The District Education Officers of the 21st Masonic District maintain a Speakers Bureau for the benefit of our Lodges. This is a list of speakers that have made themselves available to provide lectures, presentations, and education programs at Stated Meetings, More Light Events, Table Lodges, and other events. Speakers and topics are both Masonic and non-Masonic, and range from 10 minutes to over an hour.

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Click here to access the current Speakers Bureau listing (2020)
Click here to access the current Speakers Bureau listing

District Association Resources

Meeting minutes and other resources for SLOA, MWDA, and TBLA can be found in the following repository:

District Association Files

Degree Proficiency

The Principles Proficiency was added in 2018, and has once again been renewed with EDICT 2020-1. All three Proficiency methods must be made available to the candidate, and the selection of a Proficiency method is the decision of the candidate. Please contact your District Education Officer if you have any questions regarding this program and its implementation:

EDICT 2020-1