Replace Yourself Program

Picture this, a lodge room that is full at every meeting. A constant stream of new candidates. A young and vibrant officer line. New lodges forming, financial stresses lifted, and new members ready to help build the future of Ohio Freemasonry.

Can you remember when our fraternity looked like this? How would you like to see it again?

The Replace Yourself Program is a simple membership initiative designed to shift the momentum from a dwindling population to one that holds its own and eventually turns the tide as we begin increasing our membership.

In 1959 there were over 4 million Masons in the United States, over a quarter of a million in Ohio. Currently, in the United States, the net loss of members every year is about 50,000. Far more members are leaving than are joining.

Today, there are about 1.5 million members in the United States and less than 83,000 in Ohio.

The Replace Yourself Program is a lodge driven initiative and must be a lodge priority.

The first step begins with you! That first step is to TALK about our great fraternity with non-Masons.