Masonic Assistance Program (MAP) 2022

The masonic assistance program was a success! Breakfast was served at New Franklin Lodge and consisted of eggs, sausages, and pancakes. At 10:00 on the dot we went over to meet the Uhauls full of food and unloaded in a record breaking 15 minutes. Then the fun began as packers dashed around the tables filling baskets! Rumor has it that some of the packers made it around the tables upwards of 6 times! Once all of the food was divided up and baskets were stagged, it was back to the Uhauls to be delivered. All baskets found a home this season with a family in need. As a first time attendee of the MAP program, I can honestly say it was a great time for fellowship and pride knowing we made a difference for someone this holiday season. Mark your calendar for next year and check back here to find information and directions to join us next year!